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fuse /fyooz/

Definition: to join or blend to form a single entity.

That's what we want to do with your finances. Whether it’s figuring out what to do with your excess savings, merging your accounts, staying on track for retirement or developing your household’s new joint investment philosophy.

At Fyooz Financial Planning, we are committed to helping you and your partner use money as a tool to become closer, together. 
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We’re proud of our services, and we’re excited we get to help a variety of clients in all walks of life. Our goal is to create a vision for household money with a unified approach.  Each partnership sets dedicated time with Natalie + Dan to prioritize this major component of their family.  With the help of experts, developing and amending a financial plan is an
investment worth making.
Clients we work with
James + Nellie

Interests: Traveling, running, biking, sustainability

Issues: Cash flow planning, education planning, stock compensation

Annual Income: $415,000

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Their income has gone up significantly over the past 5 years due to stock compensation. Although they spend within their means, decisions around their cash flow are starting to feel overwhelming. In addition to cash flow, they need help with tax strategies now that they're in a much higher tax bracket.

Lauren + Camille

Interests: Running their business together, hiking, playing with their puppy

Issues: Business and personal goal setting, managing business and person cash flow, retirement planning

Business Revenue: $310,000

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Now that their business is successful, it's time to start prioritizing their financial well-being (which has taken a back burner these last few years). They're looking to establish business retirement accounts that they can contribute to on a regular basis.

Kacey + Leon

Interests: Soccer, art, reading, trying new restaurants

Issues: Combining cash flow, restructuring bank and investment accounts, goal setting as a couple

Annual Income: $360,000

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They have everything financially separated, and have been meaning to combine their financial situation ever since they got married two years ago. Kacey has also started receiving substantial wealth transfers from her beloved grandparents. Kacey feels that she needs expert guidance to ensure these gifts and the wealth they create are handled prudently.

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Married couple, Natalie Slagle, CFP® and Dan Slagle, CFP® are state of the art advisors who care about your financial health. They created Fyooz Financial Planning to give you the platform to have honest money conversations with your partner.
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