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A Millennial's Investment Guide

It’s time for you to level up and take control of your finances! Yes, investing can seem daunting and cause financial stress. So let us help! This Millennial's Guide to Investing is just for you. In our guide, we…

  • Created a workbook to help identify the purpose of your investment accounts ✏️
  • Give you questions to consider with your retirement and taxable investment accounts ❓
  • Deliver information on additional types of accounts like 529 plans – hey new parents! 🚸
  • And of course, provide a summary – because we know time is precious 💡
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The Millennial's Cash Flow Guide

The Millennial’s Cash Flow Guide was built just for you. In this free downloadable guide, you’ll discover:

  • Our simple four-step process for building a stress-free cash flow system for your household.
  • How millennials are creating intentional bank account structures to help ease money conversations.
  • How a brand new cashflow automation system can save you hundreds of hours of trying to "budget" as a couple. 
  • Why we spend guilt-free on travel, and how you can too.
  • The new way millennial couples are achieving financial freedom in 2023 without having to stick to a soul-sucking budget.

BONUS! This guide also provides a download to our cash flow worksheet so you don’t have to waste any time getting started!

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Issues to Consider with Your Non-Qualified Stock Options

You’re receiving stock options as part of your overall compensation at work. That’s all you know. You didn’t go to school for finance, so how would you know anything more? Most of our clients have company stock options. It’s common that our clients haven’t developed a plan with their vested stock options before coming to us 🤔

Our download discusses concentrated stock positions, tax planning, and exercise strategies. Let us help simplify the process.

Issues to Consider with Your Non-Qualified Stock Options is just for you. In our download, we…

  • Provide you with what to know about your non-qualified stock options 💡
  • Explain how much of your company stock should be tied to your net worth 💸
  • Share how your non-qualified stock options are taxed 🏳️
  • Help you plan to make sure you’re withholding enough taxes 👌
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